Sunday, 31 July 2011

Toasting Marshmallows

One more month of winter, I don't know if my feet can stand any more unbearable cold mornings.  But this 2011 winter an essential wardrobe item has been the warm and snugly jumper or sweater depending on where you are on the map.  A fresh selection of angora knits have arrived at Friperie and modeled beautifully by Lisette, who can strike a pose as good as her big sister. As you can see from this preview we have sloppy joes, cardigans and neat fitting v-neck jumpers.   There are more colours and styles available in store, including nice shades of red and blue angora knits.  The marshmallow toasting season is not over yet.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Hoola Hoops and Cartwheels

When the sun is shining high in the clear blue sky it's time to bring out the hoola hoop and perform cartwheels.  So what to wear? For your hoola hoop play time a pair of show girl shorts is a must allowing your legs to move freely and  to show off your fancy foot work to friends and passer byes.  Be daring with cartwheel attire, the polka dot skirt (with a scalloped hem!) will be the envy of all other cartwheelers, but nothing beats the flow and movement of a pleated skirt, you will have them in a trance.  If you are going for the big hand stand pink frilly knickers will get you a round of applause.  You can pick up your hoola hoop and cartwheel outfits on the Friperie deal - a skirt and a pair of shorts for $70 or two skirts and a pair of shorts for $90.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mrs Robinson

Can you stereotype a name?  I know I have in my mind, if I hear the name Mrs Robinson I automatically think of the nicest primary school teacher you could imagine. Mrs Robinson would have an immaculate wardrobe of outfits and not to mention all fully co-ordinated.  She would always smell like fresh soapy linen and her breath of spearmint, her hair would be tied neatly in a sophisticated French knot - which I would always be staring at and wondering how she did that. She would give you a gold star even if you have made a little spelling mistake because Mrs Robinson knows that you tried your damn best .  Where are you Mrs Robinson?

Monday, 25 July 2011

A Little Yellow Birdie

Another selection showing a mix and match from the new arrivals. I found myself wearing my spring dresses this winter which is quite easy with a bit of layering.  Wearing opaque tights underneath and a cropped cardigan over the top with your favourite boots or brogues is a nice change from the heavy black winter wardrobe.  You can still always throw a jacket or coat over the top if you are out and about.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Warm Ochre

I spent some time taking photos of the new arrivals today and getting some much  needed camera practice.  The ochre tones have been really popular this season, which is a nice change from the usual black for winter.  I was happy with the final collage featuring three dresses and a blouse all available at Friperie.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Shades Of Lilac

Window Mannequins July in theme of "Lilac"

With all the new stock arriving, I have been rushing around over the past week stocking the shop and ironing.  It was time to put down the iron and change the routine, so dressing the window mannequins and practising photo taking was a welcome change. There was so much stock to pick from it made it quite easy to select the window outfits.  I found myself picking out shades of lilac which gave a nice fresh theme, maybe in anticipation of some warmer weather (pleeeease).  From the new collection the mannequins are modelling sheer blouses with lace collars, knee length pleated skirts and a floral print dress, a nice hint of spring. All available at Friperie.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Friperie's Rip Roaring Special Offer

We recently launched our special offer which has been a huge success, so we will be continuing the deal over the next few weeks which is two items for $70 or three items for $90. Select from dresses, skirts and blouses, put together a new outfit.

Chasing The Rabbit

A fun post  to glimpse a very small selection of the new items which have landed at Friperie.  They are all part of our special deal 2 items for $70 or 3 for $90 offer.  There are lots of gorgeous items to pick from including dresses, pretty blouses and pleated skirts.  Will be posting more photos of the new arrivals over the next few posts.

New Stock Has Landed

New stock has landed at Friperie. Browse through the selection of dresses in every colour from deep cherry to almond chiffon, the pretty blouses with peter pan collars, lace trims and dainty prints and the floaty pleated skirts in a range of lengths. Take advantage of the Friperie special offer and purchase two items for $70 or 3 for $90.  My first post :)
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