Friday, 29 July 2011

Hoola Hoops and Cartwheels

When the sun is shining high in the clear blue sky it's time to bring out the hoola hoop and perform cartwheels.  So what to wear? For your hoola hoop play time a pair of show girl shorts is a must allowing your legs to move freely and  to show off your fancy foot work to friends and passer byes.  Be daring with cartwheel attire, the polka dot skirt (with a scalloped hem!) will be the envy of all other cartwheelers, but nothing beats the flow and movement of a pleated skirt, you will have them in a trance.  If you are going for the big hand stand pink frilly knickers will get you a round of applause.  You can pick up your hoola hoop and cartwheel outfits on the Friperie deal - a skirt and a pair of shorts for $70 or two skirts and a pair of shorts for $90.

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